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Thanks for continuing. There are two items of note on this page...

Today, NPR's Morning Edition featured a somewhat discouraging segment titled ""Bloggers Debate Code of Conduct"":

Synopsis: "The Web and the blogosphere can get plenty nasty. But blogger Kathy Sierra's call for a code of conduct was greeted by a torrent of posts threatening her with violence. Now some of the Web's leading voices are pushing for more civil behavior."

Nuff sed.

One of the absolute best blogs is Professor Juan Cole's "Informed Comment". Cole is one of my guiding lights on the situation in Iraq in particular and the Muddle East in general. He's a straight-shooter, a white hat and a mensch. If you wander over to his website, be sure to come back, y'all. I think you'll find his astute analysis stunning better than what you're likely to find anywhere in the wasteland of American corporate media.

Prof. Cole has established a "Comments Policy" which I'm thinking about stealing outright. The only thing I'll be doing a little different is that in order to comment at, we're going to have to have a little back-and-forth before I grant you commenting rights. There will be no un-moderated or anonymous posting to this website. I value my time, as I'm sure you do yours. Neither of us need to wade through the damn-near useless comments that are the bane of many of the web's most popular blogs.

So, without further ado, here's Juan Cole's Comment Section Rules quoted verbatim:

he comment section of Informed Comment is intended to allow readers to weigh in on the issues raised in the postings.

The ideal comment would be meaty, with some analysis or information that contributes to the topic, and would be one or two paragraphs in length. Short messages of a sociable nature (greetings, etc.) are discouraged.

Short messages that are mainly sent just to include the author's URL will not be accepted. A substantive message that points to a URL will be entertained.

I apologize about the need to register with I tried allowing anonymous messages, but got annoying junk, some of it in Chinese, and had to stop that.

For reasons of copyright, we cannot reproduce at this site a whole newspaper article or even large portions of one. Please summarize the information that you wish to pass along. Too extensive quotation of a copyright source will cause a message to be rejected.

Readers who want to include URLs should please use a program that produces tiny URLs. Some posters (using I.E.?) seem to be able to post formatted URLs. In other cases, does not appear to allow hyperlink code in the comments section. A formatted hyperlink looks like this:


Huge raw URLs interfere with formatting. So if you can't post formatted hyperlinks and want to put a URL, use the tiny URL.

The comments are moderated. The moderator functions similarly to the editor of a letters-to-the-editor page of a major newspaper. The editor has no obligation to post a message simply because it is submitted, and, indeed, fair numbers of messages will inevitably be rejected. The editor does not have time to explain why any particular message was not posted, and those who submit them will simply have to accept that the system is arbitrary and at least occasionally unsatisfactory.

That a message is not posted does not indicate that the editor does not like the poster, or does not like the posting. It could indicate that the moderator was too busy to do webwork that day. Or the editor may feel that the message duplicates a previous comment, or is a little off topic, or is unsubstantiated. Because the editor is often traveling or in committees or classes, there may be substantial delays in posting comments occasionally.

On the other hand, the editor, having few enough prerogatives in life, may in fact persistently reject messages of people whom he simply does not like. :-)

The editor is looking for messages with a certain tone, of civility and a willingness to share ideas and information in a non-dogmatic way. Strident messages, and those that are simply insulting or libellous, will not be posted. Messages that even sound as though they are a form of trolling will not be posted. Rejections are final and non-negotiable, and persistent attempts to argue the editor into posting something will simply result in the author being killfiled.

The comment section does not seek any sort of artificial two-sides-of-a-story "balance" at all, and no critiques of lack of such "balance" on these pages will be entertained. This sort of "balance" would require that the allegation that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer be offset with a denial of this simple and well-established fact. This is not a game played here. A variety of points of view is all to the good, but a mere opinion not backed up by facts, reasoning or analysis is unlikely to get through. Moreover, not all points of view are valuable.

All that said, it is the editor's hope that the discussions will be an asset, and will be gratifying to readers and writers.</em

Nuff sed, again. :)

Cheerio, Ray


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