On the Trail of the Sasquatch, Yeti, Imu, Imus or Whatever

OK, this Imus story stinks to high heaven...

I'm breaking the silence, the code of mordida, and we'll together attempt to enter the land of Mordor. Or at least what is today called the New World Odor.

There is something about the Don Imus "self-impaling, self-immolating white-man falls on his shield-and-sword" act that rings hollow.

Like how does a 10 Million Dollar Man get taken down for a silly aside about a women's basketball team, ferchrissakes? The real answer is that it don't happen, didn't happen, this isn't the first time and... the fix is in.

So just why did Don Imus go down in flames? Gentle reader, I'm asking you, because I don't know. All I know is what I read.

1) Carl Hiassen superficially says Imus was brought down because of hypocrisy. Maybe Hiassen is hinting at deeper motives, but he ain't about to jeopardize his future and join Imus in the pasture just yet.

2) Pravda (OK, you can stop laughing now) says that Imus touched today's political third rail, hinting that 9/11 was an inside job.

3) There are broad rumors that Oil Slick Dick took personal offense to Don Imus calling the creep-veep a "war criminal". Who knew that Dick Cheney could be so thin skinned?

4) Corroborating the fact that Imus was attacking the Bushista Regime is this remarkable interchange between uber-ho Mary Matalin and truth-teller Don Imus.

If you have a lead on this story, or can help us answer the question: "Why was Don Imus really fired?", please contact Citizen Ray at "rayd95@yahoo.com". Spammers, don't even think about it. We're into revenge.

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