Pentagon Doublethink Enters The Pirouette Zone

Pentagon Doublethink Enters The Pirouette Zone

Accept it or not, satire is a touch-and-go proposition in the blogosphere. Here's a brief attempt on my behalf. I'm at least halfway tongue-in-cheek with this. Readers are advised...

Soldiering just isn't what it used to be. 23 centuries ago, Alexander-The-Great (or Iskandar-The-Marauder, as he's referred to across Asia) kept his army marching for years. Many of his original band of Macedonian mercenaries were away from home for over 15 years.

So why in the world are people complaining about the Pentagon extending tours of duty to 15 months, ferchrissakes? Can't these soldiers find mistresses (and/or Lothario gigolos) among the camp followers in Baghdad? This Wired article is just ripe with self-indulgence and small-mindedness regarding service demands on our "tip of the spear". What have these front line soldiers got to complain about? Just because George Bush has taken more vacation time than any President in history doesn't mean that the troops need time for R&R. Somebody has to do George's work for him.

Albeit, Wired gets this zinger off on Pentagonese gone wild: "Yeah, yeah. Water is dry, ice is warm, and up is down, too. This is entering into "Baghdad Bob" territory, folks. Seriously."


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