Ooh, la la! Smell the Profumo!

Ooh, la la! Smell the Profumo!

Update below.

Scurrilous sex. Salacious, scintillating succubae. Solicitation and surrender. This story has everything so far, except the White House Wiener Schnitzel in this recipe for disaster dining.

Let's do a reality check on Calvinism, shall we? Did Calvinists bring down John Profumo for sleeping with a more attractive woman than Calvinists could attract to their own bed? Yes.

Did Calvinists attack Bill Clinton's purported political biases toward caring for people on the basis of sex? Yes.

Will Calvinists who are getting f*cking rich from the subsidies, largess and outright nepotism that George Bush is bequeathing upon them go on to attack the hand of the master-baiter who feeds them our money? Hell, no. George is our Sacred Cow. He can't be bullied. At least not by the Holier-Than-Thou-Hordes who are sucking at the Golden Teat.

OK, so what is this rant all about? Well, only the most profound sex scandal in four decades in the Anglo-American world. (As if there were any other world).

In your wildest dreams, could you write this script?

I couldn't. No one would believe me. A madam named Palfrey? Too rich. And she's about to sell her client list? What? Is she some sort of a pimpette? Holy Cow.

Looks like Global Warming is finally coming to Washington-On-The-Potomac....

Not a minute too soon. Smell the Cherie Blossoms boys...

Some of us hope that the wicked city in the Feral District never rests on an even Keeler again.

UPDATE 1: Defendant Palfrey today (May 1) provided ABC News with a list of 15,000 clients of her escort service. Including several high ranking military officers and Bush Administration officials.


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