And in America today, sadly, there was no news.

And in America today, sadly, there was no news.

CAPITOL CRIME CONTINUES UNABATED, the media sees no evil. The people see no good in caring about anything more intellectual than a good tapioca pudding recipe. The criminals see no point in morality, except to point it out to the fools who still trust in government and religion instead of self-reliance and educating themselves as an aggessive citizenry opposed to all enemies, foreign and domestic.


"Although tyranny, because it needs no consent may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people." -- Hannah Arendt

The first institution criminals like the Bush & Cheney Crime Families sought to destroy was the corporate media. No greater stinking heap of excrement can be imagined. The Mighty Wurlitzer has the sheeple dreaming of American Idols. How precious. HOW DANGEROUS, for our precious democracy that it is in the hands of criminal elites and craven, clueless tapioca consumers.


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