The Black Arts of Public Relations

Some readers may recall a book titled Toxic Sludge Is Good For You, by Stauber & Rampton. I regularly follow what is rotten in the state of public relations via their PR Watch. and Sourcewatch

Edward Bernays was a first cousin of Sigmund Freud. Like Freud, Bernays was interested in the workings of the human mind and emotions. Unlike Freud, Bernays willingly stepped over to the dark side of psychological study for the sake of greed. Bernays is credited with being the father of one of the most dubiously worthwhile inventions of the 20th Century, public relations, or as I see it today, the black art of manipulating the public with lies, fearmongering and other chicanery.

Here's a short video describing one of Bernay's more robustly cynical and sinister efforts to manipulate the American public on behalf of private corporate interests.


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