Crude Politics

Citizen Ray occasionally deigns to go off the deep end on comments threads elsewhere where he's confident that no one, other than the paid staff at the NSA, will bother reading his claims. Here's one of these instances.

Who hit the trifecta? Do some research on Bayoil and Koch Industries. The NY Times article is what you call a red herring. They want you to think insurgents are gaining an advantage. Nothing could be further from the truth. And that is that blue-eyed shieks are hauling tankers-full of free crude into the Houston Ship Canal on a regular basis, couresy of the protection (racket) of the U.S. Navy acting in cahoots with its cronies. War is Just a Racket

Check ‘em out. Bayoil and Koch. Both crazy pirate operations. Predatory capitalists gone mad, gone bad. Except that there is an inexorable logic to their scheming. You see, if you can get your crude oil at $0.00/bbl while your competitors are forced to pay $65/bbl and you can sell the stuff at retail at $150/bbl ($3.60 per gallon) you are strutin' in high cotton.


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