Cindy Sheehan Steps Off the Field of Battle

Update 1 below...

My hat's off to Cindy Sheehan, one of the most articulate and decent women in America today. While vastly too many soccer and security moms paw the tawdry and tedious consumer choices at Memorial Day sales, Cindy articulates in this diary entry the agony that so many of us feel about what a wasteland of nebbishs America the no-longer Beautiful has become. The agony of the people of Iraq seems to hardly weight a feather on consciences of most Americans, accustomed as they've become to swallowing government propaganda whole fish, from the head down.

We wonder what the intellectually incurious and morally ambiguous American public will allow its criminal government to perpetrate in the future...

And CititzenRay has the grim determination to carry on with the good fight while Cindy Sheehan tries to rebuild her own family life after finding the American family hopelessly indifferent to decency, morality or an honest appraisal of the nation's leadership.

Update, June 8: Time Magazine has a photo essay on Cindy's efforts.


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