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Falsifying History

Alternet has an interesting article today on the rewriting of history.

Snippet: Last Saturday, I uncovered falsified US History within the Unit 6 core curriculum for the national Junior ROTC program ; about 1/2 million American high school students each year are unrolled in the JROTC. I was astounded ; an historical fabrication concocted by David Barton, the leading historical revisionist claiming that the United States was founded as a "Christian Nation", was embedded within a national educational curriculum produced by the Department of Defense and taught, across the nation, to American public high schools students enrolled in Junior ROTC.

Hallelujah, Brothers & Sisters, The Evil Wiz Is Was

Condolences to the Grieving Family, i.e. those who didn't get to share in the centimillion inheritance.

OTOH, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving and despicable disingenously deceitful and depraved dick. May the other one run out of defibrillator batteries soon. Or actually, if we put Oil Slick Dick on a de-'fib'-rillator, would he explode? Would the lying S.O.B. simply explode? Is there reason for hope?

UPDATE: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Who's Got Your Cherry?

The Stompanatos Are On The Grave.

...Against All Enemies, Especially Domestic

Topic: Ruthless promotion of Al Gore's new book


As you well know, the greatest erosion of your civil rights since the First World War, (Latter Day Japanese Saints excepted) has occurred under the malevolent proto-fascist and pro-aristocratic mal-administration of George & Dick, the fraudy frauleins furthering the Fuhrer's Follies.

Standing in opposition to this madness of the unhinged King George is Tennessee's native son, Albert Gore, Jr.

I haven't gotten aholt of the gallies, so I do not know for a fact that this is Al Gore's best book. Heck, I don't even know who wrote it. But it's coming out under his name next week. Now get on with it

And do your part as a citizen to destroy the Bush Cabal.

Crude Politics

Citizen Ray occasionally deigns to go off the deep end on comments threads elsewhere where he's confident that no one, other than the paid staff at the NSA, will bother reading his claims. Here's one of these instances.

Who hit the trifecta? Do some research on Bayoil and Koch Industries. The NY Times article is what you call a red herring. They want you to think insurgents are gaining an advantage. Nothing could be further from the truth. And that is that blue-eyed shieks are hauling tankers-full of free crude into the Houston Ship Canal on a regular basis, couresy of the protection (racket) of the U.S. Navy acting in cahoots with its cronies. War is Just a Racket

Check ‘em out. Bayoil and Koch. Both crazy pirate operations. Predatory capitalists gone mad, gone bad. Except that there is an inexorable logic to their scheming. You see, if you can get your crude oil at $0.00/bbl while your competitors are forced to pay $65/bbl and you can sell the stuff at retail at $150/bbl ($3.60 per gallon) you are strutin' in high cotton.

Should Paranoids Run War Machines?

Richard Perle became notorious in the 1970s as a member of the Committee On The Present Danger which engaged in wild speculation about the capabilities of the Soviet Union's military in order to boost spending on the war machine in the U.S. The YouTube embed here is of Richard Perle lying during the Reagan era, when he served as an Assistant Secretary of Defense. Hat tip to Arms Control Wonk blog for pointing out this video .

Today Perle still influences DoD policy from his position as a member of Defense Policy Board. He was forced to step down from his role as Chairman of that Board due to many factors, not least of which is a fairly odious habit of self-enrichment based upon policy decisions impacting his own venture capital firm, Trireme Partners . Conflict of interest? Of course it is. But according to Perle, that's no problem. Why not is never explained.

The Black Arts of Public Relations

Some readers may recall a book titled Toxic Sludge Is Good For You, by Stauber & Rampton. I regularly follow what is rotten in the state of public relations via their PR Watch. and Sourcewatch

Edward Bernays was a first cousin of Sigmund Freud. Like Freud, Bernays was interested in the workings of the human mind and emotions. Unlike Freud, Bernays willingly stepped over to the dark side of psychological study for the sake of greed. Bernays is credited with being the father of one of the most dubiously worthwhile inventions of the 20th Century, public relations, or as I see it today, the black art of manipulating the public with lies, fearmongering and other chicanery.

Here's a short video describing one of Bernay's more robustly cynical and sinister efforts to manipulate the American public on behalf of private corporate interests.

An American Hero At Yale

Howard Zinn, author of the most successful history book in America about America spoke recently at Yale and asked the youth there to "Act As Citizens!" There was a meager response from the generation that is about to reap the whirlwind of destruction being handed to the by the unthinking, uncaring and callous people who are currently running the world with the full intent of leaving nothing for the future generations.

Sorry about the Jeremiad, but someone has to wake up the youth from their illusions. Zinn was a lot funnier than me here.

Pew Trust Survey Finds Daily Show Viewers Smartest

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert share top honors as having the most knowledgable audiences of any U.S. media. Fox News viewers rank among the least informed.

Editor and Publish has the story in brief.

Pew Trust's surprising survey results.

And in America today, sadly, there was no news.

And in America today, sadly, there was no news.

CAPITOL CRIME CONTINUES UNABATED, the media sees no evil. The people see no good in caring about anything more intellectual than a good tapioca pudding recipe. The criminals see no point in morality, except to point it out to the fools who still trust in government and religion instead of self-reliance and educating themselves as an aggessive citizenry opposed to all enemies, foreign and domestic.


"Although tyranny, because it needs no consent may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people." -- Hannah Arendt

The first institution criminals like the Bush & Cheney Crime Families sought to destroy was the corporate media. No greater stinking heap of excrement can be imagined. The Mighty Wurlitzer has the sheeple dreaming of American Idols. How precious. HOW DANGEROUS, for our precious democracy that it is in the hands of criminal elites and craven, clueless tapioca consumers.

FRANCE: A Royal Pain in Sarkozy's Keister-kuchen

FRANCE: A Royal Pain in Sarkozy's Keister-kuchen

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, sororité!

You go, gurrl!

Update 1: Rick MacArthur, publisher of Harper's Monthly happens to be one of my heroes. Here he describes his vote in the French elections

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