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Ooh, la la! Smell the Profumo!

Ooh, la la! Smell the Profumo!

Update below.

Scurrilous sex. Salacious, scintillating succubae. Solicitation and surrender. This story has everything so far, except the White House Wiener Schnitzel in this recipe for disaster dining.

Let's do a reality check on Calvinism, shall we? Did Calvinists bring down John Profumo for sleeping with a more attractive woman than Calvinists could attract to their own bed? Yes.

Did Calvinists attack Bill Clinton's purported political biases toward caring for people on the basis of sex? Yes.

Will Calvinists who are getting f*cking rich from the subsidies, largess and outright nepotism that George Bush is bequeathing upon them go on to attack the hand of the master-baiter who feeds them our money? Hell, no. George is our Sacred Cow. He can't be bullied. At least not by the Holier-Than-Thou-Hordes who are sucking at the Golden Teat.

OK, so what is this rant all about? Well, only the most profound sex scandal in four decades in the Anglo-American world. (As if there were any other world).

In your wildest dreams, could you write this script?

I couldn't. No one would believe me. A madam named Palfrey? Too rich. And she's about to sell her client list? What? Is she some sort of a pimpette? Holy Cow.

Looks like Global Warming is finally coming to Washington-On-The-Potomac....

Not a minute too soon. Smell the Cherie Blossoms boys...

Some of us hope that the wicked city in the Feral District never rests on an even Keeler again.

UPDATE 1: Defendant Palfrey today (May 1) provided ABC News with a list of 15,000 clients of her escort service. Including several high ranking military officers and Bush Administration officials.

9/11: Going Mainstream

A hero of mine, Saul Alinsky wrote that one cannot really be fully alive unless one is willing to contemplate his own death for his cause.

Perhaps a tad less dramatically, Rosie O'Donnell, celebrity host of ABC's gabfest "The View" seems to have transcended much of the fear that grips craven corporate media creeps from coast to coast.

Rosie has really come out swinging for "9/11 Truth". Here's her blog on the topic .

It appears that yapping hyenas Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, absolute ringers for government pysops agents in their roles at Faux News, seem to have managed to end Rosie's reign of righteousness at The View. I'm curious what the next moves will be....

Just Another Poor Boy, Gone Off To War

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

9/11 Truth Avalanche Gaining Momentum

A plethora of links available on this page .

Pentagon Doublethink Enters The Pirouette Zone

Pentagon Doublethink Enters The Pirouette Zone

Accept it or not, satire is a touch-and-go proposition in the blogosphere. Here's a brief attempt on my behalf. I'm at least halfway tongue-in-cheek with this. Readers are advised...

Soldiering just isn't what it used to be. 23 centuries ago, Alexander-The-Great (or Iskandar-The-Marauder, as he's referred to across Asia) kept his army marching for years. Many of his original band of Macedonian mercenaries were away from home for over 15 years.

So why in the world are people complaining about the Pentagon extending tours of duty to 15 months, ferchrissakes? Can't these soldiers find mistresses (and/or Lothario gigolos) among the camp followers in Baghdad? This Wired article is just ripe with self-indulgence and small-mindedness regarding service demands on our "tip of the spear". What have these front line soldiers got to complain about? Just because George Bush has taken more vacation time than any President in history doesn't mean that the troops need time for R&R. Somebody has to do George's work for him.

Albeit, Wired gets this zinger off on Pentagonese gone wild: "Yeah, yeah. Water is dry, ice is warm, and up is down, too. This is entering into "Baghdad Bob" territory, folks. Seriously."

Oh, yeah! Dennis the Menace Lowers the Boom On Oil Slick Dick

Cheney is guilty as hell. A war criminal and thief who is guilty of moral turpitude and intellectual twerpitude.

Dennis Kucinich has the goods on this bastard.

If'n yer a lookin' fer a breezier treatment, try this from Raw Story.

We are Campaiging, Join the fray if you care to. Anonymously even.

We are Campaiging, Join the fray if you care to. Anonymously even.

OK, so here goes. It's your dime. If you hit the donation bucket, we will produce at least 5,000 bumperstickers that say just what the image says you are looking at. What you see is what you get, more or less. And if you let me know that you've donated, I'll be sure to send you a bunch of these bumperstickers and ride herd on you to make sure you get them on appropriate refrigerators, laptops, laptop dancers and vehicles. Don't mess with public transportation, please. They've got enough troubles.

OK, pony up. I created the art work and I didn't charge anyone. I expect you to pay for the privilege of distributing these beauties.

Start donating.

Next up....

Our awesome teeshirts and ballcaps. Hold on to your wallets. We're comin' atcha...

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