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The Firing Line -- Missouri's Show Me State of Mind

Bradblog has some good coverage of the Prosecutor-gate sage as it applies to thwarted investigations into the shenanigans of Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt.

More on the fired prosecutor scandal here.

The Ugly American, Why the World Despises the U.S. Govt.

Here's an interesting account from Ann Wright, a brave woman who was ejected from a U.S. House Committee meeting after she confronted the indecency, paranoia and xenophobia of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R. CA). If anyone in Congress typifies the ugliness of the proto-fascist, it's Rohrabacher.

On the Trail of the Sasquatch, Yeti, Imu, Imus or Whatever

OK, this Imus story stinks to high heaven...

I'm breaking the silence, the code of mordida, and we'll together attempt to enter the land of Mordor. Or at least what is today called the New World Odor.

There is something about the Don Imus "self-impaling, self-immolating white-man falls on his shield-and-sword" act that rings hollow.

Like how does a 10 Million Dollar Man get taken down for a silly aside about a women's basketball team, ferchrissakes? The real answer is that it don't happen, didn't happen, this isn't the first time and... the fix is in.

So just why did Don Imus go down in flames? Gentle reader, I'm asking you, because I don't know. All I know is what I read.

1) Carl Hiassen superficially says Imus was brought down because of hypocrisy. Maybe Hiassen is hinting at deeper motives, but he ain't about to jeopardize his future and join Imus in the pasture just yet.

2) Pravda (OK, you can stop laughing now) says that Imus touched today's political third rail, hinting that 9/11 was an inside job.

3) There are broad rumors that Oil Slick Dick took personal offense to Don Imus calling the creep-veep a "war criminal". Who knew that Dick Cheney could be so thin skinned?

4) Corroborating the fact that Imus was attacking the Bushista Regime is this remarkable interchange between uber-ho Mary Matalin and truth-teller Don Imus.

If you have a lead on this story, or can help us answer the question: "Why was Don Imus really fired?", please contact Citizen Ray at "". Spammers, don't even think about it. We're into revenge.

wicked grin

We'll leave the intertubes on for you.

A Friend Just Asked.....

...whether Citizen Ray would be advocating anything precipitous like an armed rebellion against the criminals who infest the White House. Citizen Ray wants to assure his gentle reader that, indeed, we do not advocate such a thing. What we do advocate is getting all the guys with guns on our side and then we can, in a very civil fashion, tar and feather Messrs. Bush, Cheney, Gonzo and the rest of the goobers in the White House and send them packing back to where they belong, that clapped out pig farm down in Crawford.

I'm reminded of one fellow's story about his grandmother coming into America about 100 years ago. In that wave of immigrants there were many Eastern European intellectuals who were familiar with the writings of Kropotkin, Bakunin, Marx and Engels. One such was this woman who arrived at Ellis Island with great anticipation of a new life. But first she had to take the health test. Passed. Then she was interviewed by the Immigration Officer who asked her, "Would you advocate the overthrow of the U.S. Government by means of armed revolt or sedition?"

After a moment to consider the question, she said: "Sedition."

Earth Day - A Walk Through Durham Township

Earth Day - A Walk Through Durham Township

While I scoff every time I hear Rush Limbaugh say he's got "talent on loan from God", I think such a boast might reasonably apply to this remarkable artist, Kathleen Connelly.

Earth Day - Paradise Found

Earth Day - Paradise Found

What better day than today to enjoy some photos of the glories of nature. Galen Rowell's galleries are among the most satisfying eye candy imaginable.

Iraq: "Calling Out Idiot America"

I've got files on Iraq that are deeper than the manure pile called the White House Press Office. But even I was impressed by the depth of insight expressed about sectarianism in Iraq in this brilliant article by another one of my heroes, Scott Ritter.

Here's to the notion that we have a revival of the Enlightenment in America and an end to rule by barricaded Bushmen.

Let The Games Begin.... Kucinich To Veep: "You're Impeached!"

Let The Games Begin.... Kucinich To Veep: "You're Impeached!"

You go, Dennis!

Gonzo Journalism Redux

Topic: AG Gonzales in the hot seat before the U.S. Senate

Best coverage of the craven kabuki performed live on C-SPAN Thursday that I've seen so far has been at The Progress Report and at

Of particular crushing import to Citizen Ray is this quote from WSWS:

"...There seems to have been a prior agreement between senators of both parties not to raise such issues as the abuse of national security letters by the FBI and the illegal surveillance of telecommunications and e-mails by the NSA, both of which Gonzales has vocally defended.... One study has found that the Department of Justice has investigated or prosecuted corruption charges against 298 Democrats and only 67 Republicans in the past six years. Not a single Democratic senator cited this widely reported finding Likewise, the Justice Department has conducted multiple investigations of alleged vote fraud since 2001, but not a single case involving the denial of the right to vote for black, Hispanic or other minority voters. There were no questions on that either."

Immediately what came to my mind was the ominous warning given by former SEC Commissioner Arthur Leavitt as he left Washington at the start the Bush Monarchy. Leavitt said point-blank, "the little guy no longer has any friends in Washington." Well, we can at least be encouraged by the fact that Washington State ain't that bad, yet....

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