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Tommie Douglas, the most beloved Canadian

Douglas was the father of Medicare in North America. Read more here

Saul Alinsky, A Radical Whose Time Has Come Again

A short biography of Saul Alinsky appears at this page

St. Paddy's Day Peace Promenade, Bend, Oregon, March 17

St. Paddy's Day Peace Promenade, Bend, Oregon, March 17

Some days activism is just pure fun! See more images of our event at Portland IndyMedia.
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9/11, More and More People Are Shouting "Inside Job!"

For 5 1/2 years the whitewash has clung tightly to the ship of state. Today, however, the signs of peeling, reeling and squealing echo from Washington to the centers of corporate media. A war is on. The war for truth. And lined up with the white hats on the question of 9/11 are (among many others) Charlie Sheen, Dennis Kucinich and Rosie O'Donnell of ABC's "The View". The more Rosie investigates the truth about 9/11, the more she is excoriated and harangued by the propagandista propeller-heads at Faux News and on that tedium of tendentiousness dubbed talk radio.

More and more people are waking up. Here's a few websites I like to visit for a reality check from time to time:
Scholars For 9/11 Truth & Justice
9/11 Share The Truth

"Would I Lie To You, Honey?"

The beautifully blonde Dana Perino reminds this humble observer of the Talented Mr. Ripley…White House Deputy Press Secretary Perino proves that women can lie just as frequently and ineptly as the White House men, and with an equal likelihood of being caught in the act. Characteristic of the sociopaths who infest the White House today, this seems to be a matter of no moral concern to Ms. Perino. Think Progress has the skinny on this slinky seductress of spin.

"When in the Course of Human Events..."

Growing numbers of Americans in uniform are realizing that they are being ill-led, misled and led down the garden path by a pack of liars in the White House. The Raw Story has the 411 on why Canada has become the address of choice for more and more disillusioned and newly enlightened members of our military. No recruitment necessary. Just the ability to read the words of one of my personal heroes from the past. Retired Lt. Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC said it best: “War Is Just a Racket”.

Going, Going, Gonads

Paul “Spit-Comb” Wolfowitz about to be shown the door by European members of the World Bank. Over an ‘Other-People’s-Money-For-Sex’ Scandal. Read more at Agence France Presse. This war criminal appears to be getting caught in the traditional Anglo-American fashion… with his pants down.
[Ed. Note: Dear Paul, on your way out, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!]

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